Top 7 features of Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maci-Matic Electric Knife

The best electric knife Elite Cuisine EK-57 Maci-Matic Electric Knife is really a unique invention of modern technology. You can use this knife to cut or slice different types of raw foods or food preparing materials. It has a new feature that will make your work easy and fast in the kitchen. You may be worry of getting hurt or injury but fortunately it is completely out of risk for you. You can use it in different slicing and chopping purposes in your kitchen. Let you see its features below :

High speed blades :

The “EK-570B Maci-Matic“ blades are sharp and work very speedily while slicing or cutting. It has two sharp blades that moves in the different direction and helps you to cut meats, fishes and vegetables. You can finish a lot items slice with the help of this electric knife. Among the best electric knife it is the best one for slicing and curving.

Working Safety & Security :

You may have needed to cook food fast for family or relatives. Then you should have to be hurry and may get hurt in hand or injury with the sharp knives. So you should be wise to use the best electric knife and stay secure also. It will help you to complete your job fast and securely.

Excessive Battery Power :

You can use the “EK-570B Maci-Matic” electric knife without electricity. Because it has durable battery power that can help you to finish your work in time. You will be able to carry it any corner of the kitchen with the help of having battery. You will also get the same power in its blades though it has electric battery power.

Light But Massive :

It is light to carry and you can carry it long for to work in the kitchen. As most of the electric knives are same in feature so you will not find “EK-570B Maci-Matic” different from any angle. It will be helpful to work on hard and strong meats or fishes. It is light but its blades are automated system and highly sharpen so you won’t need any massive pressure for getting the items sliced.

Super fast slicing : You can slice breads, cheese, soft meats easily with the help of “EK-570B Maci-Matic” knife. It is the best electric knife that can help you to become successful in all your needs.


You may have known its full value of working by its features above. The best electric knife ”EK-570B Maci-Matic” has quality blades that makes your harder job easier. From the first use you will be aware of its benefits. In the kitchen you will have a pile of works to complete if you are a professional cook. But the best electric knife won’t let you to be worry in your work. Being relax you can complete your all the task and jobs of cutting and slicing meats or fishes. You can realize its day to day life benefits after you have used it.